Panoramic Elevators

Extensively used in used in shopping malls and other modern buildings, our range of panoramic lifts or capsule lifts are made from transparent material to provide a view of the outer side of the lift. Offered in standard and customized forms, these lifts are available in one side, three side, five side and circular panels

We design panoramic cabins for those who want to enjoy the view from above in its entire splendor. Square, semi-circular or completely circular, our panoramic cabins are perfectly covering the most demanding design requirements.

Due to the enormous flexibility in choosing forms and materials, each panoramic cabin is always designed and constructed in absolute harmony with the architectural style of each building. This way the cabin is being upgraded from a simple means of transportation, to an architectural element. A real “ornament”, ideal for luxury stores, shopping malls and modern residences.

Special Features

  • Turning an ordinary riding into entertainment
  • Possibility of maximum field of vision
  • Reduced discomfort, no sense of limited space

Panoramic Elevators

Technical Specifications:

  • Speed Range(m/s) - 0.3-2.5 m/s
  • Maximum Load(kg) - 2304 kg
  • Drive Type - AC, VVVF
  • AMC/After Sales Service - Required
  • Cabin finish - Glass, Stainless Steel

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