Platform Lifts

Platform lifts allow a platform to rise up and down and are typically used for disabled access. They can be installed indoors or outdoors and offer access where passenger lifts cannot be installed. A platform lift can take a number of different forms, but primarily they are used in low-rise buildings due to potential building restrictions. They are cost-effective, easy to install

A platform lift can be used for the vertical transportation of persons (also a person in a wheelchair), for goods or even a combination of goods and persons. Do think about a hand pallet truck and pallet (with an attendant) or a rolling container together with an attendant. When a platform lift is also used to transport goods the lift will have to become some adjustments to prevent damage to the panels of the lift.

Technically, a platform lift is a lift with a self-supporting shaft constructed out of a mast (inside the structure) and sandwich panels or glass panels (safety glass). These panels are smooth on the inside, so there is no danger of crushing, also there are safety bars installed (on top of the control panel and around the edges of the platform), to take away any extra risk possible. In this way a cabin is not required (when desired a cabin is available as an option).

Special Features

  • Energy Efficient, as they don't consume large amounts of energy.
  • Efficiency: A platform lift can carry a lot of weight while retaining its speed and safety.
  • Standardization with premium Quality

Platform Lifts

Technical Specifications:

  • Capacity - 250 / 500 Kgs (UDL) Uniformly distributed Load
  • Minimum Order Quantity - 1 Piece
  • Platform size (Length x Width) - 1200 MM x 1200 MM
  • Railing - Three sides removable railing, on the platform

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